Tim posing with his boats

Tim Schramm

Jackson, TN

Tim Schramm is the first place winner in the overall category for the Rock Island Open, meaning he attended both events and earned enough points to win the whole thing!

Tim grew up in Michigan and spent most of his childhood on the Great Lakes, but didn’t start paddling till around 5 years ago. At first it was just canoes on easy rivers. But then he bought his first rec kayak close to 2 years ago and got into whitewater a year and a half ago.

He doesn’t have a favorite river, since he’s still new at whitewater, he enjoys just about every run. Any run can change with flow and present a different challenge. His influences are anyone who can teach him something new. He says he is amazed by paddlers like the Jacksons and Rush Sturges being able to run the Stikine and throw down on Gladiator. But like any other sport the unsung heros are out there too.

He currently owns 6 boats, No favorite. It just depends on what he wants out of the run he’s on as to what boat he’ll choose. He thinks that World Kayak is awesome for the fact that it opens a door for those of us who are not Pat Keller or Dane Jackson to have fun and compete on a easier level. Tim hopes more paddlers will take notice of it and join! “Its a great way to get out have some fun, and meet other paddlers, share stories and get info.”

When asked how far he wants to take his paddling career and what goals he may have, he said, “As far as I can? Stop at a good set of cartwheels ? A McNasty? Run the big 3 on the Green? I don’t know yet. Starting out at almost 40 years old. Well its not 18 or 22. Like it or not Age has some limitations!”

Advice for Newbies… “Learn rolls, not just whitewater, but flatwater too. Have fun. And Paddle, even if it IS flat water. The more time you spend in your boat the better.”