June 27th we held the MD Chute Out at its namesake; the MD Chute of the Potomac River. We had a nice level of 3.38ft on the Little Falls gauge, which meant that almost every move was up for grabs; cartwheels, spins, splits, cleans, mcnasties, loops, and even the elusive Jihad, so we would have some nice rides available to those who had the skills, and even some “spin to win” philosophy could be adopted by folks in the amateur/ novice ranks.

The threat was that imminent doom in the form of thunderboomers and derechos would reign down upon us, given that DC was getting steamy-hot, and the weatherman said to batten down the hatches for the late afternoon forecast. Well, as luck would have it, the weatherman was once again WRONG! We had nice and dry conditions and a fantastic turnout yet again, with 25 competitors and a throng of spectators as well. We had a good group of folks from the Harpers Ferry area join us for their first ever Chute Out, which was awesome to see.

We also had the “Return of Vlad”, James Sneeringer, to run the Chute Out yet again, and man the mike for good commentary on the action.

We started with the ladies (ladies first of course). We had 5 women competing, which included two ladies in the HF group; Lisa Cullinane(one of the Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival organizers) and Crys Butler. Crys had to be coaxed into competing, and upon entering she managed to wind up in 2nd place overall behind MD Chute Out regular Shelby Stine.

Then it was K1B men with 7 competitors. It looked like it would be a see who spins to the win contest, until Sean Chapelle decided to stick a nice loop in his 4Fun to seal the deal. B class also had some nice entertainment with a swim, and a “hand of God” rescue thrown in for good measure (Mike Mubarek  competing in only his second time ever in a kayak with his first time kayaking being at the May Chute Out.) Way to step up Mike! (So what’s your excuse for not competing out there folks? )

Next up was juniors and C1. Junior class was quite impressive to watch. Jason Schwartz, Alex Cosner, and Tyler Uthus were really throwing down and it looked like it could go to anyone one of them. In the end, Tyler came away with the final victory. We only had one c1′er this time, David Goodwin. The format for the competition was everyone got 3 rides 45 second rides, with your lowest score dropped. David’s first two rides must have been warm ups for his third ride where he unleashed the fury with some really nice vertical righty blunts and cartwheels. Look out Seth Chapelle!

Finally, with darkness approaching, we ran K1A mens class. There were 6 of us. Rides were looking strong, as everyone was getting nice verticality and loops. With the variety multiplier in effect, someone would have to do more than just right cartwheels and loops to win. Christian Horton threw a nice looking McNasty on one of his rides, but I don’t know how the judges scored it- it looked nice to me though. “Jules” was throwing some nice vertical cartwheels as usual, and Collin Swan (the Good Collin) was looking good in his 2013 Allstar, but had some trouble pulling his loops through straight (too much work lately I think- he just passed his BAR exam, and is now a lawyer). Then there was Josh Ellis, who is always a strong competitor (beat me at the May Chute Out). I opted to use my 2012 carbon Rock Star for the comp, and it didn’t disappoint.  I got some nice variety and some, what felt like, pretty big loops to secure the victory over my competition. Can’t wait to see what the new 2014 Rock Star will do, compared to my Carby!

Here are the final scores for the June 2013 Chute Out;


1st Shelby Stine 25pts

2nd Crys Butler 23pts

3rd Sarah Hammond 20pts

4th Sheilla Chapelle 14pts

5th Lisa Cullinane 13 pts

6th Maria Stine 6pts

K1B men

1st Sean Chapelle 84pts

2nd Max Bauer 56pts

3rd Eric Friedenson 44pts

4th Phil Schuster 26pts

5th Howard Moreland 24pts

6th Jono Sirovatka 14pts

7th Mike Mubarek 4pts


1st Tyler Uthus 97pts

2nd Jason Schwartz 64pts

3rd Alex Cosner 49pts

4th Kaelin Friedenson 13pts

K1A men

1st Jim Buley 294pts

2nd Jules Krinsky 198pts

3rd Josh Ellis 183 pts

4th Collin Swan 163pts

5th Ryan Engle 122pts

6th Christian Horton 104pts

All in all it was another great Chute Out, with some new faces, and lots of fun on one of the longest days of the year. Looking forward to the next Chute Out on July 25th! Hope to see ya’ll there!

Thanks for reading,

Jim Buley

Valley Mill

chuteout4.bmp Kaelin Surfin it up

chuteout5.bmp   Alex Cosner

chuteout2.bmp Crys Butler

chuteout1.bmp Jim Buley cleaning it up

chuteout3.bmp Sean Chapelle endo’s for the juges

Photos courtesy of Chris Ziegler