Well, being an ambassador for the Durango region as well as opening a new paddle school in the area has lead me to many hours of research in looking for the best product to collect media for multiple purposes. Obviously there needs to be some durability and versatility with the product when using on or off the water for action shots, as well as for movement analysis on a particular technique being learned and or perfected. We decided to go with the new Go Pro, which really should have been a no brainer considering the relationship with JACKSON KAYAK, however the cost of the product as well as the previous reviews from other users were holding us back.  Now that we have been using it for a short while I figured it only appropriate to give my 2cents about the performance of this product so far.

Negatives: It is fairly hard to tell which setting you are on and using depending on the placement of your mount, there is no display on the back of the camera. This is slightly nit-picking, but operating the unit takes a little bit of reading and toying with to figure out initially, it comes with a very small (super small writing) directions booklet, of course there is also the online support forum, however I am of the opinion that the ‘ease of use’ including all settings etc., especially right out of the box, could be easily increased.  Speaking of out of the box, this thing comes wrapped up for a navy seal mission, it is seriously a bit over kill, the amount of packaging used, and the extra items that come with it could really stand to be customized for the type of use the buyer will be needing it for, thereby reducing the amount of waste and extra plastic parts lying around the office. Unfortunately, we have not yet found an appropriate time or place to use the wireless remote. Biggest negative has got to be the battery life.  This is straight disappointing for a unit of this cost and this is a huge contrast to its durability and portability.  Expect less than an hour of continued use on video mode, you may squeeze just a bit more on other modes if your careful. Good news is it charges back up fairly quickly.

Positives: There is no arguing the picture and video quality that this thing gives you, it really is amazing how bright and accurate the shots are with all the fine details apparent.  Durability is a definite plus as well, and you can tell some more thought has gone into preventing malfunction or loss of this piece of equipment.  Portability is great with the unit being super light and compact.  Aside from the small operations manual, I have found it to be fairly easy to operate after spending a short amount of time with it , changing modes and options is simple and fairly quick.  All together, we are going to be happy with the footage this thing provides us, and I feel personally that the camera is growing on me the more I use it.  Time will tell, but for now enjoy some recent shots of some San Juan paddlers taken by the new Go Pro HERO black edition. Thanks for reading.