Rider: Lazer, Photo: Laura Grant

It is that time of year again in the Kootenays!  On our third high water surge so far this season we have been hit with a few days of straight rain to bring everything back up again.


Last year we hosted the HTTD on INDY wave only seen last year after a 13 year hiatus.  This year with the Columbia too low for that feature we are experiencing a swelling Kootenay River.  Brilliant wave is located on Kootenay just before the Columbia confluence right below the dam.  At certain spring water levels is hosts four different large to huge sized features.


The first wave is most consistent and feels like an overhead ocean wave that will build up, tube, and crash out.  Behind Solstice is Lucky 13, a very meaty hole with a surf able shoulder.  Next up is good ol’ Brilliant wave. fast rides on some of the steepest wide faced surf around.  Directly behind is aptly named “Organ Grinder”, a dynamic huge surf wave with lots of surprises.  READ MORE on the big water features at Brilliant.


The Format for the event will be two part.  First part will be a big water race from the top eddy above Solstice to the Doukabour Bridge, boatercross style with heats of 4.  Second phase will be  a freestyle showdown on one of all of the features, ride starts at top eddy and resumes at Organ Grinder, three attempts are scored.


Time of the event– Sunday July 7th, 4:00pm

to sign up be at the Endless Adventure Store for festival wrap up.

Location of the waves from Endless Adventure.