Idaho’s first Hometown Throwdown of the year was finally on a warm sunny day and we had great flows at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. Temps in the mid 70′s and warmer water meant no poggies or skull-caps.

With these flows the second feature is great for loops, space godzillas, cartwheels, pretty much anything you can throw in a wave-hole. We ran three hole rides and had a couple of swims. Swims to me mean people are getting out of their comfort range and LEARNING! So kudos to those swimmers :-)

We also saw some good aerial action from Troy Wilson and Mike Vorrhees. Connor Voorhees was our youngest competitor at 9 years old.

We had a bonus surprise when we got together for our prize drawing, EJ showed up and gave a tour of the new RockStar. Our next TD will be on July 27, again at Kelly’s Whitewater Park.

Hope to see you there!



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1. Troy Wilson

2. Mike Voorhees

3. Travis Tripp



1. Skye Titus

2. Crosby Crevett

3. Connor Voorhees

4. (TIE) Paige Wilson

4. (TIE) Ethan Tripp

5. Quinton DiLenge