Chris Gibson tears it up

Whats up everyone?!? I enjoyed seeing all of you yesterday at our second event of the first ever World Kayak Rock Island Open! Yesterday was our Freestyle Cup!


TSRA Safety team "at work"

We had a great turn out at Rodeo Wave yesterday with 6 competitors, twice that many safety boaters, and even three time that in spectators. It was awesome seeing all those photographers out there braving the elements with their awesome cameras taking action photos!


Jeff Leech ripping it up

The TVA came through for us releasing the perfect 1400 cfs that we had asked for. Hats off to the Great Falls Powerhouse and all its staff for helping us have perfect water levels for our freestyle event, and for being so interested in what we have going on and helping us see it through! Good people right there!

The state park also came through for us once again, providing us with at least one Ranger on the water with a radio should anything go wrong.


Chris Gibson and Carlos Aranda pause for a picture

We did have one swim, and let me tell you, this guy (we wont mention any names) just had the safest swim of his career. The TSRA safety boater team swarmed to the rescue following the safety plan to a T. Big thanks to our Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association Swift Water Rescue Team for their efforts in keeping our event safe!


Jim Reynolds poses for the camera

Also big thanks to our own Master Woodcarver/ Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Woody Woodall, who took the time to carve up some awesome trophies for us!

From left to right, Jim Reynolds, Mike Loftis, Tim Schramm


Big thanks to Kevin and Mike from WeStroke for coming out and participating and for all their help promoting the event. Your three judges for the freestyle were me, Kevin Todd, and Clint Norton. Thanks guys for coming out and braving the rain and waterfall spray to judge the performances. It was fun! But cold…. Lol! Also hats off to Tiffany Ramaswamy, for acting as our scribe, writing down our points as we yelled over the roar of the waterfalls, and then when it started raining, handling it like a BOSS, and sticking it out for us! Awesome job!


Woody Woodall "stands guard" over the competition course

There were some awesome runs out there, all the competitors did a great job, I know it was exhausting trying to attain back up there to the hole when you got washed out. So, Awesome job! A big high five goes out to Jim Reynolds for his sweet entry move with a killer surf after, getting him big points that led him to BOSS it up in this competition.


Mike Loftis of WeStroke

I’m so glad this all worked out for us and I can’t wait to make it happen next year, only better, hopefully cramming a bunch of events into 1 weekend, maybe attracting many more competitors. There’s too many options. So expect something even better next year!


Kandi Fincher won an Astral Pro-deal card

Here’s the results of yesterday’s Freestyle Competition…


Charlie Wilkerson modeling his IR bunny top.

1. Jim Reynolds 413 pts

2. Tim Schramm 373 pts

3. Carlos Aranda 346 pts

4. Mike Loftis 268 pts

5. Jeff Leech 262 pts

6. Chris Gibson 259 pts


Here is the World Kayak Rock Island Open Race Day final standings…


Mike Loftis won a Shred Ready "employee" shirt

1. Rami Ayoub 150 pts

2. Neil Arvidson 120 pts

3. Mike Loftis 110 pts

4. Tim Schramm 100pts

5. Philip Byard 70pts

6. Mike Arvidson 50pts


Woody Woodall rocking the World Kayak/ Chaco shirt! Go Woody!

So…. That means that these are the final standings…


Me, presenting Jim Reynolds with his Freestyle Cup Trophy

1. Tim Schramm 473 pts

2. JIm Reynolds 413 pts

3. Mike Loftis 378 pts

4. Carlos Aranda 346 pts

5. Jeff Leech 262 pts

6. Chris Gibson 259 pts

7. Rami Ayoub 150 pts

8. Neil Arvidson 120 pts

9. Philip Byard 70pts

10. Mike Arvidson 50pts


Tim Schramm's World Kayak Rock Island Open Overall 1st place trophy!

Congratulations to all who participated!


Jim Reynolds' Rock Island Open – Freestyle Cup – 1st place trophy

So if you’re owed a trophy, then get with me, I have it!

Rami Ayoub's World Kayak Rock Island Open — Race Day – 1st place trophy!