MD Chute on the Potomac

Last night we had an awesome turnout for the first MD Chute Out of 2013 on the Potomac River. The river level, water temp., and weather were all perfect for the event, and what an event it was! The event was held at the MD Chute wave, which was running at the perfect level of 3.69ft on the Little Falls gauge.

We had a total of 24 competitors, and aside from some megaphone issues,(and having me on the mike)the event went off without a hitch. I’d like to personally thank each and every paddler who came out to compete, help with judging/scoring, timing, and cheering on the competitors. This event wouldn’t be possible without all your support and enthusiasm- Thank You!

What’s also pretty cool, is that it is a true community event. We had folks from Valley Mill Kayak School, and Active Nature Adventures Kayak/SUP School show up to participate and help out. It makes me proud to be a part of such a large, vibrant, and supportive community of paddles here in the DC area. If I left out anyone else who was there from other schools I apologize, and will gladly add you to the list.

The results from the competition=
K-1A Men
1st- Mike Mathwin (Valley Mill)205 pts
2nd- Danny Stock 189 pts
3rd- Jason Beakes (Active Nature Adventures 145pts
4th- Josh Ellis (Valley Mill)116 pts
5th- Jim Buley (Valley Mill) 112 pts
6th- Seth Chapelle 81 pts (yes, he actually competed K-1 too)
7th- Christian Horton (Valley Mill)59 pts
8th- Jules Krinsky 56 pts

1st Seth Chapelle 215 pts (highest score for the comp)
2nd David Goodwin 21 pts

Jonathan Walsh 28 pts

1st Shelby Stine 28 pts
2nd Margaret Williams 21 pts
3rd Marissa Maier 19 pts
4th Risa Shimoda 14 pts
5th Sarah Hammond 13 pts
6th Maria Stine 12 pts
7th Sheila Chapelle 9 pts

1st Ryan Engle 76 pts
2nd Jake Jarnik 58 pts (Valley Mill)
3rd Sean Chapelle 35 pts
4th Jim Ellis 8 pts
5th (Tie)Joe Sullivan and Mike Mobarek 3 pts (first time in a kayak for Mike- impressive sir!)

K-1 Juniors
1st Jason Schwarz 61 pts
2nd Ocoee Chapelle 47 pts
3rd Alex Cosner 46 pts
4th Nathan Smith 25 pts
5th Kailen Friedenson 14 pts (youngest competitor)

Thanks to all our sponsors for the raffle prizes= Jackson Kayak, Immersion Research, Astral, Shred Ready, Kokatat, Rapid Transit Video, Ninkasi Brewing Co., Smith Optics, Chaco, Stoney Boater Paddlewax, and Mountain Khakis

Look for a video of the event to be posted here soon.

Here are a bunch of pics from the May Chute Out, courtesy of Valley Mill’r Max Landerman=

Next Chute Out is June 27th

Hope to see you there!
Jim Buley
Valley Mill