For our last event of the year we had another race at Floriston.  We opted for more of a sprint style race opposed to the more technical race we typically run.  We did have a mandatory rock grind in the course, just to keep things fun.  Everyone got two runs and the fastest run counted.  The results were so close it was unbelievable.  Enjoy the video that Noah Made.


Later ; Colin

1. Scott 1:55.19

2.Tommy 1:56.00

3.Charlie 1:56.30

4.Mark 1:56.50

5.Josh 1:56.80

6.Macy 1:57.03

7.Amanda 2:02.50

8.Cyrus 2:04.10

9.Nick 2:04.66

10.Travis 2:07.40

11.Kirk 2:07.53

12.John 2:10.06

13.Mickael 2:13.35

14.Yuji 2:32.00