Me and Karma

Never in a million years would I believe I would own a Jackson Karma. I say that because I was such a die-hard Wave Sport Habitat 74 creeker fan. I had paddled my fair share of creek boats in an effort to find “the one” for a beginner creek boater. So much so that my next creek boat was going to be the Recon. Then entered the Jackson Karma. Do not misconstrue my statements, Wave Sport makes awesome boats and I have no intention of getting rid of my Habitat 74.

Historically, my experience with Jackson Kayaks has been mainly with taking customers out for demos in Jackson’s angler kayaks.

My autographed Karma

Anyone that knows me, knows I am mostly a river runner with a novice creeking skill. Anyone that knows me, knows I need to feel safe, secure and stable in a boat in order to maintain my confidence. A friend of mine and one the World Kayak OGs, Colin Kemp, suggested I try the Karma based on my description of what I was looking for in a boat.

In Love with Karma

I researched numerous articles on the Karma and could not seem to find a single negative review of the boat.  I took a Karma out for a demo and fell in love!

I ordered a Karma. When it arrived it was the single most BADASS boat ever!! Knowing Jackson Kayaks have more hands than machines involved in their making, I thought it would be cool to have everyone involved in the production of my boat sign it. Colin had it arranged for everyone who worked on my boat, including the Jackson family, autograph it. How awesome is that? It just doesn’t get any better than that.


My Karma paddles great, but I have only allowed her bottom to touch the calm lake water. Recently, we had major flooding and with my limited creeking skills, I didn’t want to put a scratch on her from doing something dumb, much less have to punch out worrying where she might end up. I’d be heartbroken. My friends have been dying for me to take her out on some creeks. All in good time. All in good time. Some of my friends have “offered” to break her in, but my standard response is, “Keep you grubby paws away from my girl!”

During my lake paddle, I noticed the boat edges great. I can lay her over on her side without the slightest sense of instability. The Karma is also super fast and can turn merely by shifting your hips or dropping a knee like riding a motorcycle. The outfitting is very comfortable and the I absolutely love the back band. It fully supports by back and gives me a more balanced feeling sitting in the boat.

Bottom line: The Jackson Karma is the bomb. Eric Jackson and family, you are the bomb! Special thanks to my friend, Colin Kemp for getting my boat autographed by the coolest people on the planet.


Yours truly,