Well we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Temperatures hit 30 Celsius and causing the water to rise to a perfect level. Chilliwack set a temperature record  that day. People were able to surf three waves in the wave train. We had 17 people compete and a few more in the eddy for safety. Lots of spectators were out on both sides of the river. Laura did get some good rides on her SUP but I never did see her texting on the wave like she said she would. Rob was out and took lots of pictures and will be sending me a link to post so everyone can see.

As always I just love the support for each other and the energy of this event.

On a final note I want to thank Tracy for all the help at all the events I know with the mass of people all showing up at the same time she is the person behind the scenes that helps me pull of these great events. Thanks Tracy