We are a go!!!  The first ever Seattle-Tacoma World Kayak Home Town Throw Down will be held Sunday, May 12th at the Paradise Put in/Take out on the Green River.  We have prizes from the World Kayak Sponsors, Beer from Ninkasi Brewing, and a chance to show that you are the best throw-bagger in the Puget Sound area!  Come one, come all, and test your skills against the rest of the boating community!

Event Details:

  1. Where–Paradise put in/take out
  2. When–Sunday, May 12th
  3. Time–1:00pm-3:00pm (so people can easily do a run before and after with a break in the middle to compete!)
  4. What–Throw bag golf (a 9 hole golf course will be set up in the parking lot, and players will compete with partners through the course, with prizes going to the best scores)