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The Reno Community and the kayaking community in general lost an amazing soul last month on the Falls on Indian Creek, CA.  Dirk did not have a will set up which has left nothing for his doughter Eleena, I will let Dirk’s good friend Cyrus tell you in his words what we as a community have lost and why Eleena can use our support.



More than most, Dirk Bradford lived doing what he loved.
 Whether it was driving more than half way across the US in order to buy a
bus painted as a giant American flag, or running whitewater every month of the
year.  Dirk’s passion for whitewater influenced every aspect of his life.
 Boating with Dirk, it was near impossible to come off the water having
not been touched by his enthusiasm.  Dirk lost his life on his birthday
this past March boating a run he’d had his sights on for a long time.  It
is still difficult to come to grips with the fact that Dirk is no longer a
phone call away.  

Dirk was not just a boater; he was a father.  Words
cannot approach the loss felt by his daughter, Eleena.  Moreover, Dirk did
not leave behind a will.  Consequently, we have set up the Eleena Lifetime
Fund in order to gather the community in support of both Dirk and Eleena.  If
you knew Dirk, boated with Dirk, heard stories of Dirk, or simply would like to
show compassion, your support is appreciated more than you know.

Dirk was one of those individuals that just had that way.
 I will forever remember the answer I got every time I asked, “Hey
Dirk, how’s it going?”.  ”Just right”, Dirk would say, “Just right”.