The Cartecay River in Ellijay, GA was at a great level Saturday morning for the World Kayak Boater Cross event this year. 2.5 ft on the gauge was twice the flow of last years race.



New this year for the race was the additional location of the Cartecay River Experience  – River Left.   Located on the Left side of the river put in,  this location was perfect for parking and river access. The covered pavilion with picnic tables, the private changing rooms, and restrooms provided a pleasant Experience for  the boaters to prepare for the race.  Now with two locations for river lovers of every type  – The Cartecay River Experience Outfitters is my favorite weekend destination for relaxation and fun. is their website with all the info.

We had a great turn out this year for the race. Race volunteer LA McAllister handled registration, timing, and shuttle. please remember to thank her for and all volunteers who do the hard work for these events.  The race had 17  sign ins! An amazing turnout compared to prior events and the amount of natural flow in the area.

Before I continue with the race results I have to mention two very special people. Jana Walker and Tim Woodall. In the process of event registration a group of Cartecay River  first timers showed up and were asking questions about the river.  Jana and Tim removed themselves from the race and volunteered to guide the newbies down the river for their first Experience. This my friends is an amazing act of kindness that makes our boating community amazing and these folks are the real WINNERS!

The second Volunteer in the race was Jackson Thompson. Jackson inspected the boats for missing drain plugs and floatation. He was very thorough and examined all the boats closely.

He continued his safety inspections on the playground equipment and has reported back that your children will be safe on your next visit to River Left.

Once the registration process was complete and the starting time announced the racers moved into the water for the final inspection from our last volunteer – Black dog.

A proper fitting PFD and Helmet are necessary for World Kayak events and Black Dog made sure each boater was prepared for the race.




He did a second check on drain plugs as well. Thanks Black Dog.

Excitement began building as the starting line was laid out and boaters moved into starting positions. 5 minutes to start!


One minute till Start!

GO!  The racers sped away and the excitement began!

It was quite a site to see! I hoped in my truck and raced to the finish line.


Barely making it to the finish line before the first racer appeared, it was no surprise to see last years winner come blazing thru the falls. Lightning Will Clements!

The rest of the racers seemed to have spaced themselves out thru the course.  each boater had a clean run of the falls with plenty of room in between.








Thanks to everyone who participated and had a great time!