gliding on the SUPerCHARGER

early season spring float on the Animas, Durango, CO

Have to give a quick shout out to Jackson Kayaks and the new SUPerCHARGER SUP.  ”You can tell some thought went into this board design” said Anna Fischer of Surf the San Juans LLC, a new paddle board rental service in Durango Colorado that also offers lessons. “We are hoping to educate the people on the new design, and how it will increase the options available to the people who would like to try paddle boarding. For folks who are interested in exploring on the water, whether it be down river, up river, or on your favorite lake, this fantastic piece of equipment is going to serve them well.”  The new paddle board that is in its first year of sales through the manufacturer JACKSON Kayaks is wide, making it extremely stable, it has a rocker design that more compliments running down river as well as surfing standing river waves, and its roto-molded design with shedding decks ensures the board will ride high and dry. This board  is durable and versatile. It’s the board that will outlast and outperform in the river environment.  This board is now available for purchase at 4Corners River Sports for  only $799.