Greetings paddlers!Hope this post finds you all well and happy! Warm weather is upon us, thank God! So, I’ve been working really hard on this one. The Rock Island Open is now not just a thought, but a reality. A true reminder of what someone can do if they just put their mind to it. I’ve finally gotten an answer from the Tennessee Valley Authority about specific water levels and great news! We’ve come to an accord and the event can go forward as planned. On April 27th and May 11th we will host our first ever, the TSRA Presents: The World Kayak Rock Island Open!!!

Originally this event was to be broken into two events Boater X and Freestyle, but now under the guarantee of water from the TVA we’ve expanded it to four events over two dates.  First, April 27th, we will host our racing events. The first event, The Rock Island Timed Race, will commence that morning at 10am and end around lunch. We will then all go to lunch together and come back after lunch to start the second event, Rock Island Boater Cross, at 2pm.   Afterwards we invite everyone to come to dinner with us somewhere local! Then on May 11th, we will host our first ever WK Rock Island Freestyle Cup. This day will go as follows: That morning at 9am we will have Regular Freestyle. This event should last 3 hours and be over just in time for lunch, which we will take a 2 hour break for lunch and commence our second event, Downriver Freestyle at 2pm. We should be all finished around 6 or 7 that evening.  Afterwards at the boat ramp, we will grill some burgers and dogs, and have an award ceremony where we will award trophies to our winners! How about that? Trophies? Awesome!


Now, here’s the important factor, our attendance is limited. And what I mean by that, is the state park is only allowing us to have 30 competitors total for the whole event series. So, if you want to participate, go ahead and register now. And please, when you register, enter a user name that actually reflects your real name! Walk ons will be accepted up to our 30 competitor limit.

Now here’s another cool fact. not only is World Kayak and the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association involved in moving this thing forward, but also, will be helping with officiating the events and with publicity. Also the Outdoor Experience, in Cookeville, TN will be gathering some cool prizes to raffle off at our events! And, hopefully by the last event, I will have received my WK swag box from Colin which is sure to have some super awesome stuff! I will be giving that away too! So its win win! Come out, have fun, and get free gear! I love it!

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and register for all of these awesome events! Oh BTW, why doesn’t everyone try and camp at Rock Island State Park in effort to bring some revenue in to the state park, in essence, thanking them for all they’re doing for us! Register for camping here.