Well, we have all been waiting for the Thaw! It seemed to take forever. By this time last year we had been on the river for at least a month. So after waiting this long, we are all anxious. I was lucky to get a few days of paddling in the SE before heading home and having to have my gallbladder removed. And while I sit at home during the beginning of the thaw because paddling is against doctors orders…I thought I could at least update the world about what the other Midwest paddlers have been up to.

The Fox river is typically the first wave to come in during a Wisconsin spring and the guys on the eastern side of the state have been taking full advantage. But the melting snow and the pouring rain brought the newly discovered manitowoc wave to a roaring level, 2750cfs! Craig Esposito, Aaron schrader, and Jeremiah Kramasz headed to surf for the weekend. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/63487947[/vimeo]

While these guys enjoyed playing, the Minnesota crew has been tearing up the Verm and the Kettle. Everyone is getting on the rivers they can trying to warm up for the big race next weekend on the Lester River.

It’s still quite chilly on the shoreline of Lake Superior and ice is common in the creeks, but we are all hoping to kick off the creeking season with the Lester River Race on Saturday the 13th at High Noon. Ryan Zimny has done a great job getting everything organized for the race. Huge thanks goes out to the sponsors of this first year event! Midwest mountaineering, canal brewing company, mountain khakis, the brew house, ski hut, and rapid mag! The cost of the race is only $10!

Keep in Mind other upcoming events too. Kettlefest is May 3-5th and hosts the first Hometown Throwdown of the season! Wausau Whitewater Park Opens June 1st and 2nd with HTTD #2, and Paddlemania on June 8th and 9th!


Thanks to Nora and others whose Photos I borrowed from Facebook. And Philll, who I believe made the Cato Falls video!  See you all on the River soon!