What a break in the weather we had today.  I was worried since we had sleet last night that is would turn out to be an ugly day.  We had a beautiful sunny evening to kick off our events.  The temperature was around 65 degrees and the revel level was 6 feet.  We had a few new faces join our group and that is GREAT, let’s spread the word and add a few more for the next event.   Being that we had water for the event we hosted a down river event that started just outside Reedy Creek and ended at the take out.  The best time we had was 15:45, and was brought in by Todd Craft.  Cooper Sallade followed closely behind with a time of 16:30, with Adam Tremper on his tale at 16:35.  A good time by all was had and we look forward to the next event.   The next event will be right before the Dominion River Rock Events and all have asked to have a boatercross to “warm up” for saturday events.  If anyone from other regions or groups would like to participate we would love to have you challenge us to a friendly Region vs Region competition.