This article is a little blurb about how folks should support local businesses as well as companies who truly have your best interest at heart.

April 5th, 2013 was an interesting day. Undoubtedly, it was not the day for me to get my raft guide stick. I ordered it through my local outfitter, Outdoor Supply in Hickory, NC on March 26th when I visited the store.  Here we are in April and no guide stick. I take a trip down to the store in order to find out what in the world was going on with guide stick. Fortunately, I can take these snafus in stride. The owner, Charlie Mogray, was already on a mission to try and figure out how to get me a guide stick so that I could hit the waters at the US National Whitewater Center this weekend.  While he was working his end to a solution, I get on the phone and call Werner Paddles. Admittedly, I was completely taken off-guard when a person picked up. On the other end of the phone was the most remarkable human being I have ever spoken to in customer service.  Her name was Megan, the Southeastern sales rep for my area. I explained my predicament and she immediately sprung into action. She said she would investigate the matter and call me back. I told her I was at Outdoor Supply Company speaking with staff trying to brain storm my place between a rock and a hard place. With sincere apologies she hung up and said she would call me ASAP.

Less than two minutes later, she called the store and asked to speak with me. This is so not made up. She said she found out what happened. Apparently, a machine went on the fritz and affected only my order as my order was super specific. Still nurturing a shoulder separation, I was not about to paddle with the wrong size guide stick and end up with a more severe shoulder injury. Therefore, everything has to be absolutely right! Megan, was so apologetic and understanding. In fact, she was willing to DRIVE a personal paddle in her personal vehicle to me in order to have a guide stick for the weekend. Who does this?? That is unheard of. I was totally speechless. That is going ABOVE and BEYOND a simple expectation of customer service. 

Now understand, all of my whitewater paddles are made by Werner (Powerhouse and Rio). With that being said, I am clearly a die-hard Werner Paddle fan. After this recent experience, I am FOREVER a Werner Paddle fan. Werner should be proud and honored to have someone on staff who is willing to make that kind of personal sacrifice in order to please a customer. Furthermore, the city of Hickory should be proud to have a local business who supports their customer base and is willing to make their own sacrifices in order keep a smile on the faces of their customers.

My guide stick will be here in a couple of days. I eagerly await its arrival. Some  people might be upset or even livid about the unfortunate timing and chain of events, but I am an ultra happy customer.

Please show your support for businesses who support you!


Werner Paddles Raft Guide Stick: Graffiti Sunset

Thank you Megan at Werner Paddles!!!

Thank you Charlie at Outdoor Supply Company!!


~Ericka Heath aka SgtRiverRat~