I am pleased to announce the newest addition to the World Kayak family of partners, Ninkasi Brewing Company.  This past fall I had the opportunity to meet Nikos and Aaron at the WW Symposium in Hood river, OR.  They were sponsoring that great event with their amazing beer.  Right away you could tell that they were people who loved what they did, and they were boaters.  My personal love of home brewing lead me to ask bunches of questions, and we got to talking about boating and beer.  The guys got the opportunity to sample a WK slalom survivor and the rest is history.  Ninkasi brewing has stepped up to be a full partner of WK for the 2013 season.  What that means is beer to share at some locations and great product support in other areas.  Ninkasi brewing is a boaters dream!  Not only has Ninkasi made a conscious effort to make an eco friendly company by using recycled products in their cases and bottles, solar power at the brewery, water conservation in the brewing process, but their Total Domination IPA was named one of the best 25 beers in the world in 2012 by Men’s Journal.  Ninkasi has a big history of community outreach, and World Kayak is proud to be part of that now.  Come on out to your local Throwdown and share the love!

Later ; Colin