The site for another AFKA / World Kayak event is the Elbow River, just West of Calgary near the hamlet of Bragg Creek. The AFKA / World Kayak Elbow River Hometown Throwdown Creekfest (man that’s a mouthful) will be held on July 6th / 2013 with a 9:00 AM registration.

The Elbow River is a classic after work creek run for Calgarians. This short run comprises of 3 distinct rapids all at class IV with some short stretches of class II water in between.

Starting at Elbow Falls, this 15-20ft broken drop is typically negotiated by taking a river left line over a distinct shallow shelf which traditionally auto-boofs paddlers into the pile at the bottom. The kick out will land you in a big pool. Be sure to keep focused even after nailing the landing, as there are some undercuts at the base of the main falls, and on the river left side once landing. Portaging is a difficult proposition.

The next drop is the Notch. This drop accelerates you from river left over to river right, with a few crashing diagonals to negotiate before coming to rest in a boiling pillow which pushes to the river right wall. There is a small lip that juts out at the tail of this rapid, and is home to an undercut that could prove interesting if you don’t pay attention to it. Just past the lip, the water eases, but there are still undercuts along the right wall. The main flow generally pushes to the river right side of a large rock island, but the river left line is also negotiable.

For the AFKA / World Kayak Elbow River Hometown Throwdown Creekfest, Advanced boaters will begin their run from the eddy on river left above Elbow Falls and their run will negotiate the Notch. Intermediate teams of two will begin from the river left channel of the island below the Notch, and will continue onto the next section…the Slide.

The Slide starts off with a fairly beefy hole dubbed “Hero Hole” which then quickly pushes you into the entrance of the Slide. The Slide has a series of slanting ledge holes which gradually accelerates you through to river left, just in time to be bounced over to river right off a large pillow. The rebound lines you up for a big bounce off of another pillow which forms off a submerged rock. Then your home free, to the take out.

This is surely to become a very fun event, and one to look forward to on an annual basis! For the Creekfest, teams will register at the Elbow River take out at the Canyon Creek turn off, where the event will convene at the end of the day. Check out and click the map icon to find the location. Enjoy the video.

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