Hello paddlers! So here we are at the end of our second event with one person in first place, and two gunning for second. It’s all up in the air as to what can happen next!

Our next event, on Saturday, March 30th, at 9am, is called the Daddy’s Creek Team Race because it will be raced in teams of four. This will help to improve team building skills and take a little load off me and my safeties.  This is how it will work. Boaters that are in the top spot should choose from their friends as to who’s a better paddler and who’s a team player. All members of the team will get the same score, so it’s probably not a good idea for paddlers in the lead now, to team up with other paddlers that are in the lead because nobody’d win! Just saying.

The race will start at the Antioch Bridge. I will release teams on five minute intervals to make sure that no 2 teams accidently run into each other.  The team members must stay within 50 yards of each other at all times and cross the finish line at exactly the same time.  Time doesn’t stop till all members of the team are across the finish line, at the Devil’s Breakfast Table Bridge. If any team gets separated more than 50yds during the race and is spotted, the entire team will lose big points that will be crucial to winning the series. So if your buddy swims, help him, and do it fast. Basically this will force all of you to break up these rapids into eddys and move through them together. Teamwork baby!!!!

After all the racers are finished, we will calculate the times and declare the winning team.  After this, the series points will be calculated as well so we can declare a series winner!!! After the race we’d like to invite everyone to come cook out and/or camp with us.

Meet at 9am at the Devil’s Breakfast Table Bridge in the Catoosa Wildlife Refuge. From there we will run shuttle and commence the race!  Hats off to my help from www.westroke.com and www.outdoorexperienceonline.com!!!



Below are directions to the DBT Bridge. See you there!

From Nashville, Take I-40 east to exit 322 Peavine Road and head north 1.8 miles to a left on Firetower Road. Take Firetower Road 14.7 miles to Daddys Creek and the Devils Breakfast Travel parking area across the bridge on the right.