Ian Stewart


If you ever have called Jackson Kayak, and a very friendly guy answered and told you about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Jackson Kayaks, it was probably Ian Stewart. Ian is 31 years old and is from Cookeville, TN. He has been paddling for only the last three years, but seems like a lifetime paddler when talking with him. I guess thats what continuous exposure to the Jackson family will do to you! Currently, Ian spends most of his boating time in his 2013 All-Star and pushes it through the water with his Lightning Freeride paddle.  His favorite places to paddle are Clear Creek – Jett to Nemo, because the river changes so dramatically with different water levels and Rock Island, beause it contains some of the best river surfing in the southeast. I know its a very hard question to answer, leaving most people stumped for a bit, but when I asked him what his favorite rapid of all time was, he said Rodeo Wave at Rock Island.  He said he has definitely been able to hone his skills there because the dynamics of the hole change with different water levels. He started out where 1 generator was enough for him in there, now thats not a problem but there still is a limiting cfs which he can work towards. It’s like a never-ending challenge without having to find another hole. Sounds like win-win! In life, Ian wants to be closer to good whitewater, and never sees himself leaving Jackson Kayak. He says that he sees himself working in the outdoor industry for the rest of his life. Good news for us folks, he knows everything about Jackson Kayaks! Ian is doing really well in our Nashville World Kayak Plateau Creek Race Series, placing 5th in the first event, Clear Creek Boater X and 1st in the second event, the Clear Creek – Jett to Lilly timed race (a hard feat by the way). I expect to see him on the leaderboard at the end of the series, if not winning the whole thing. Good luck buddy! I asked Ian Stewart to make a statement about World Kayak, and this was his response, “World Kayak has really helped me step up my paddling game. It brings people together therfore helping me find positive influences within this wonderful sport!”

Hats off to Ian Stewart for his 1st place victory in the Nashville World Kayak Plateau Creek Race Series Event 2!!!!! Great job bud!!!