Chelsey Poole tears it up

Yesterday was a blast. I went out to Clear Creek Canyon Friday to camp and prepare for my Saturday race.  Saturday morning I woke up and ventured up to the parking lot to wait to the racers to start showing up. I was astounded to see, after not too long, a line of paddler vehicles start showing up. All types of folks started coming up and thanking me for what I was doing. So many faces! My head was spinning.

I knew I had to get the show on the road. The WeStroke guys showed up and helped me get all the details taken care of as I began the registration process. Just like before, we signed in paddlers, taped their numbers on their boats with duct tape, and got waivers filled out. 

Jason Crummer

After the sign in process, Kevin Todd and I syncronized our watches, and I jumped on a shuttle vehicle with the racers to head up to the top. At the top, I had all the participants gear and boat up and meet me on the water. I started the racers in 1 minute intervals, giving plenty of time between boats. They rocketed down this 2.5 mile course plowing through flatwater and sailing through rapids like The Grudge and Lilly Rapid with ease.

Ian Stewart runs shuttle with Mike Loftis holds on for dear life!

There were some super fast times out there. In fact, one (or more) of the racers may have split my time in half. Not a hard feat? Ok. Maybe. At the bottom, Kevin Todd and Patti Ghertner worked feverously to do the math on the times and figure out who our winners were! Thanks guys for doing that leg-work.

David Schumacher rips through the Grudge

During the race, my two safeties, Mike and Neil Ardvison, staked out the Grudge with a throwrope, and took some great pictures. Thanks guys for covering yet another base I wouldn’t have been able to deal with.

Ben Ghertner makes it look easy

After we got all the times figured out, we announced our first place winner, Ian Stewart! Great job Ian! With smiles on their faces, everyone gathered up for our raffle, which takes place at every event, and was funded by The Outdoor Experience in Cookeville, TN. Some of the prizes given out were Outdoor Experience Nalgenes, Jackson Kayak River bottles, random kayaking DVDs, and two brand new, awesome ProTec Old School Wave helmets, like the pioneers used to wear in the early days of the sport. Now all they need is an American Gladiator style cage face mask, or a neon multicolor visor that velcros on! That would be righteous!

Who's that good looking guy out there?

After the raffle we all shuttled to the top again for a fun run, where we broke down the section trying to catch every eddy, surf every wave (regardless of how big), squirt every eddyline, etc etc etc. It was probably the absolute most fun I’ve ever had on Clear Creek, and what a great group to do it with! Thanks to all who attended! The times and places are as follows:


1. Ian Stewart  25:33

2. Jeff Leach 25:35

3. Jason Crummer 25:47

4. Ben Ghertner 25:55

5. Trent Thibodeaux  26:00

6. Will Enochs 26:05

7. Chelsey Poole 26:57 (see Chelsey? I told you you’d be fine in mens!)

8. David Schumacher 27:48

9. Chris Gibson 30:50

10. Philip Byard 33:12

11. Dan Herbert 34:51

Long Boat

1. Jim Enochs 24:02  Fastest time!

2. William Taylor  28:25

Thanks to all who participated in event two of our Plateau Creek Race Series!!!