Racers getting registered and geared up for the frigid conditions…

Well the weather was cold but the spirits were high as 13 hearty souls braved freezing temps and crazy winds to compete in the second annual W. PA Creek Race Series. The Lower Big Sandy Creek was the scene for our first race of the year with water levels at a low but runnable 5.6 the event was a mass start with paddlers in 3 categories (6)Long, (6) Short, and 1 lone Hand Paddler. The action was fierce in all classes with a sprint towards wonder falls determining the overall winner and leading to the swimming of one competitor who got pushed off-line as they approached the drop. Good thing his mammalian diving reflexes didn’t let him down, and after a short underwater disco, he found relief that only pulling your skirt can provide.

Eli and Jeff at the lip of Wonder… a sign of things to come

Mr. Blood – Pre-Hand Relief….

and Mr. Blood post-hand relief…fresh air never tasted worse….

And I need to at least give a big shout out to Nick Simpson winner of the SClass for throwing a SIC switch freewheel off the falls on his way to the number one spot.

And with no further ado…the winners are :

1. Caleb Adams
2. Chris Kyle
3. Eli Loiben
4. Kyle Mandler
5. Eric Bartt
6. Jeff Blood

1. Nick Simpson (Green, Pyr, Shiva )
2. Nori Onishi (Yellow, Prijon, Pure )
3. Bill Warble ( Black, LL, Stomper )
4. Abed Borsa (Yellow, Dagger, Mamba )
5. Zach Yomboro (Black, LL, Stomper )
6. Adam Baker (Multi, Dagger, RPM )

1. Steve Kroser

Nick throwing it down switch style…on his way to first place

For a full photo account of the race check us out on FaceBook : World Kayak Western PA Region

Stayed tuned…There’s another race this coming Saturday February 23…Another post with full details will follow.