It’s been a busy start to the year but now that things are starting to settle down I get some more time to paddle. Went out this weekend and got to play around with my friends new JK GoPro Levator mount.

I was very impressed with this mount. It is very easy to use and can be attached or removed in seconds. As a lot of put ins and take outs are down narrow paths the mount can quickly be removed put in the boat and the reinstalled at the river. I have seen many different variations to attach the go pro above you for that different view. Most of which I found over engineered with lots of bits and pieces that you had to keep track of. Now that I had a chance to see and use this first hand it I will be purchasing on very quickly.


For those of you with a Go Pro that have been using just the helmet clip I recommend trying a boat mount. It changes the viewpoint more than you might think. Most people I have spoken with agree that it helps transfer the gradient better than on you helmet. Great for the drops that were huge but after looking at the footage it didn’t seem so big. It also slows down the movement so you don’t get the shot moving from side to side every time you look around.