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In 2008 we made the very first Astropad dog bed, a truly unique ByProduct created from some of our manufacturing leftovers. Since then we have seen a solid reduction in our factory waste and have crossed paths with lots of happy river dogs. Here’s a look back at the idea that started the Astral Byproduct movement, and a first glance at the 2013 redesign:

The Facts:

  • Kayakers wear PFDs.
  • Most kayakers have dogs.
  • During the PFD manufacturing process we get about 80% yield from die cut foam, meaning there is about 20% excess not used to build your PFD.

The Idea:

  • What if we were able to transform these manufacturing scraps into a usable byproduct for your best friend?

The Solution:

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The Astropad Dog bed is a ByProduct made primarily with environmentally considerate foam shavings left over from PFD manufacturing. These closed cell buoyant foams provide a truly luxurious place for your river dog to crash after a long day on the water.  Best of all we are able to use 100% of the foam from our manufacturing, meaning there are no leftovers going to the landfill – instead we give them to your dog.

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The outer shell of the Astropad is made from a durable 600D Polyester on the sides panels, bottom, and top edge. It has two convenient carrying handles for easy transport. In the center we use soft Organic Cotton that keeps your hound cozy while he dreams about the next big day on the water. Open up the Velcro closure and you can easily remove the baffled insert for machine washing.

New for 2013: You pick the color with options of Olive, Grey, and Cranberry. We also blended in a bit of lightweight polyester fill along with the foam scraps (approx 8% by weight) to make the Astropad a bit softer, lighter, and fluffier than in the past.



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