The Metro Chattahoochee put in is at Cochran Shoals Park near Powers Ferry Road and has the large Gazebo style pavilion. There is another park directly across the river from this one that often times confuses people. This is the River Left park.



3700 is the CFS for this TR. It’s a considerable jump in volume from the 900 average CFS but nothing to panic about. The river is quite wide so it can handle quite a bit of flow – 12000 CFS is considered flood stage.




The first playspot on the river is nice and mild for some fun surfing. It is located just below the second bridge.  There is plenty of space behind the hole for easy rolling and an easy swim/recovery.




The second rapid is at the River bend. At 3700 it is an easy ride thru some choppy waves that splash and sing. The top waves that you can see are large enough to surf as well. No rocks are exposed at this level.




Below River bend rapid is the Devils Raceway. What used to be a boulder garden is now a mild stretch of flow with easy holes. River Right beach view looking upstream to riverbend.




A hillside view of the Devils Racecourse at 3700 CFS.  At this level you can surf every single one of these holes that are not occupied with wood.



Once you pass Devils Racecourse that stretch of water above the island is just boogie water til you round the bend to Jump Rock and then it flattens out like normal.




Easy paddling below the islands. Beautiful scenery is not hard to find in this town if you know where to look.




Round the bend from Jump Rock is the final stretch of fun. Similar to the racecourse this section will entertain you with swiftwater and easy holes.   Find yourself on the river.



I am available most evenings for a work out paddle thru this section at ANY LEVEL and would be willing to paddle with you if you ask.  Ps. Not the only boat I paddle so don’t worry if your boats looks a bit different than this one.


Rick Thompson


See you on the River