Well winter finally decided to join us here in the southeast.  With the onset of the cold I started to get more and more weird looks as I walk into the local grocery store wearing my hip-thongs.  So I decided since I have worn chaco sandals the past 4 years straight I should try out some of there shoes.  I went with the Torlan to have some versatility.  I wanted something I could wear out and about and still do a hard day of hiking in them.

I found the shoe to be very comfortable, It came with both brown and a cool color of orange for laces to let me customize how I was feeling that day ;)
I have currently put a little over 200 miles on them working, hiking, scouting at the river and hanging out lounging and I have had not blisters or issues.  The sizing was spot on and felt comfortable from the moment I put them on.   Really the only down side I found to them is my feet feel weird after wearing sandals most of the year.  I long for the return of my hip thong weather, but until then the Torlan’s will do well and getting me comfortably where I want to go. BUT, don’t just listen to me, get out there and try a pair out for yourself.