Chris Hipgrave (NOC Retail Director), Will Norris (NOC Instruction), & Brad Caldwell (NOC Retail) are on tour for the next few weeks to showcase some cool new 2013 paddling products and give free instruction at local pool sessions.  Chris and I decided to team up the Jackson Action Wagon and the NOC Road Show to meet up at our weekly Tuesday Night Freedom Hall Pool Session on 12/4/12 inJohnson City,TN. This would be their first pool session on their tour and it will be a hard one to top, because we had a ton of fun! 

The event had a huge turn out by our local APE’s club members and other local paddlers!!  We had over 40 people in the pool trying out several new boats from many different brands and all kinds of new gear! 


We were some of the first to feast our eyes on some really cool new gear!  In the showcase was the new Immersion Research “Royale” Spray skirt.  It is very nice!  The Royale is a rubber rand skirt (Like the IR Lucky Charm) with Kevlar rim protection and a neoprene lap flange like on the IR Kling-on Bungee skirt!  Can you say super durable and dry?! 

We also got to see and wear several new PFD’s!  Astral has some nice new colors for several of their returning jackets for 2013!  We also got to see the new 2013 Astral Green Jacket Rescue PFD w/ the clam shell pocket and Astrals new SBB freestyle vest!  Both great products with some great features!  One other new PFD we got to check out was the new Kokatat Maximus Prime rescue PFD!  This new jacket is super sweet!!

With the J.A.W. and the NOC teamed up, some of the boats that were there for folks to demo were:

Jackson Kayak Supercharger – stand up paddleboard


Pyranha Nano S/M

Dagger Jitsu 5.9 w/ the new 2013 outfitting

Liquid Logic Stomper 80

Jackson Kayak Fun Runner 60

Pyranha Jed Eye

Dagger Mamba w/ new colors & new 2013 outfitting

Jackson Kayak 2013 Star, All Star & Super Star

Pyranha Burn S w/ new color

Jackson Kayak Karma M & Karma L

Folks were overwhelmed with all sorts of new products to try out!  Too top off an already great evening, NOC gave away a new Astral Willis PFD by playing some NOC trivia with the participants!!  Then the NOC gave out some 20% off swag coupons to all the participants!  A good time indeed was had by all!