Each year I get the opportunity to work with a number of great companies that support WW kayaking through the WK Hometown Throwdowns.  I have been working with Erin from Mtn. Khakis for a number of years now and her desire to help WK in our community growing initative has been nothing short of spectacular!  This year she introduced me to another Mtn. Khakis employee who is out there on the river getting it done with his paddling community.  Dom Clark and his friends started the “Dope Flow Boat Show”  this past summer to document their boating fun.  I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Dom, and here is what he had to say.

–          Dom, what boating community do you call home?  How long have you been involved in WW kayaking?

Indiana will always be my home, but the southeast is where it’s at for paddling.  I started flatwater kayaking when I was 16 and quickly became fascinated with whitewater.  I grew up in Indiana and my buddies and I would take our flatwater boats down any “gnar” that we could find.  There is a 3 foot ledge on the Flatrock River (Class I), my hometown run, that is what really got me hungry for whitewater.    I have been whitewater paddling for five years now.

–          What aspect of WW boating is most appealing to you?  (community, challenge, travel, exploration)

I love the challenge of running new rivers and seeing beautiful gorges that can only be accessed from the river.    I also like the brotherhood that develops between you and your fellow boaters.  To be honest, all aspects of WW boating are appealing to me, besides long portages!

–          You work at Mtn. Khakis, who has been a fantastic partner of WK for 6 years now.  Tell us a little something that we don’t know about your great company that pertains to boaters.

MK has been a sponsor of the hometown throwdowns for 7 years now and I am working to get MK more involved in the world of whitewater.  As a side note, our Flannel-Lined Original Mountain Pants are awesome after a cold day of paddling!

–          You and your paddling buddies have started a video project.  Fill us in on what you are calling it and what you guys are looking to accomplish with the project.

John Higginbotham, Greg Nance and Logan Curry are the “founding fathers” of the  “Dope Flow Boat Show.”   it was created this summer to showcase our kayaking videos.  Despite the name, DFBS does not have any negative connotations towards drugs or anything of an inappropriate nature.  In a nutshell, Dope Flow Boat Show is a group that brings together badass kayakers.  Our mission is to shed light on our sport through our videos and to bring new people into the world of whitewater.  We always strive to set a good example for the youngins.  We are going to make some informative/educational videos to explain some river running/creeking skills and some important safety precautions on the river.  Although we do run stout whitewater, safety is always our number one priority.  This is currently something that we are doing for fun, maybe it will turn into something bigger!

–          Thanks for your time.  Is there anything else that you want to share with the WK audience?

Get on the river and stay tuned for episode 3!

Here is episode #2



 Later ; Colin