Here are some locals enjoying the early features of this amazing whitewater playground.  [youtube][/youtube]

wave-shaper Sept 2012

 The whitewater park being created down here in Columbus GA is simply amazing.  Check this structure out and the detail.  You say to yourself, “all this for one little wave to play in”.  Millions are going into this park and this wave-shaper.  We are fortunate to paddle here on a daily basis and are amazed by the progress and attention to detail.  We are told that this wave-shaper will be adjustable  by lever operated hydrolics.  The features we paddle here on a regular basis are already fantastic.  The North Highlands dam generates everyday it seems.  At the non release schedule time the river flows about 700 to 900 cfs.  All of this will flow through the wave-shaper and create a structured play feature for all the playboaters daily.  Most of the summer we have enjoyed at least two hours of a 8000 to 12000 release which makes some great play features for all level of kayakers.  This area is pretty much a park-n-play for kayakers but with the plans to breach one more dam, this will be an incredible 2 mile urban developement whitewater paradise.
Chattahoochee Whitewater Park "wave-shaper"

wave-shaper 3 weeks later. October 2012