Jay’s Report from the race!

Here’s the Russell Fork race results from this weekend.  Biggest group of racers ever on the RF.  Mike Dawson and Adriene Levknecht crushed it once again, both of them beating their own course records.  Keith Sprinkle won the hand paddle class, and Brad McMillan was the fastest C-1 (and I was the slowest dammit!).  We’ve never had a separate short boat class, but Clay Wright was very fast in the new Karma.  Drew Austell won the mass start Ironman race, I’m not sure the exact order and times of the Ironman group.  I’m fairly certain that Katrina won the party.  Only a small bit of carnage on the river and on the stage, and the rain held off just enough so it didn’t completely destroy the results sheet while writing all the times down.  Thanks to Willy Witt for doing the starter job once again, Eric Henrickson for the bibs, Bernie Farley from Whitewater Warehouse in Dayton, OH for a nice prize donation, and of course Steve Ruth for putting together a great party once again.  Due to changing priorities, this has got to be my last year of helping to pull this thing together, time for someone else to run with it.  There’s a lot ways it could be better; pre-registration, designated start times that you know the day before the race, more organized safety plan, liability insurance, prize sponsorships, maybe tying it in with some bigger race series, etc.  But then again, I kind of like the low-key feel of it, no hype, just a bunch of friends paddling fast down the river in one of the coolest places on the planet.  I’m sure somebody will figure out how to balance all that sh_t and make it good.  Peace and good lines!

Place    Name    Boat    Time    Comments
1    Mike Dawson    Stinger    6:28    course record
2    Jason Beakes    Greenboat    6:39   
3    Geoff Calhoun    Greenboat    6:40   
4    Chris Hipgrave    Greenboat    6:48   
5    Isaac Levinson    Stinger    6:49   
6    Vavrinec Hradilek    Stinger    6:50   
7    Andrew Holcombe    Greenboat    6:56   
8    David Cohen    Greenboat    6:58   
9    Chris Gragtmans    Greenboat    6:59   
9    Dane Jackson    Greenboat    6:59   
11    Pat Keller    Greenboat    7:01   
12    Bryan Kirk    Tornado    7:04   
12    Jess Albright    Greenboat    7:04   
14    John Grace    Stinger    7:07   
14    Chris Stafford    Greenboat    7:07   
16    Mark Taylor    Greenboat    7:09   
17    Toby MacDermott    Stinger    7:12   
17    Clay Warren    Greenboat    7:12   
19    Eric Chance    Tornado    7:13   
20    Stephen McGrady    Greenboat    7:14   
21    Jason Hale    Stinger    7:18   
22    Zack Fraysier    Greenboat    7:19   
22    Adriene Levknecht    Pink Stinger    7:19    1st place K-1 W, course record
24    Snowy Robertson    Greenboat    7:22   
25    Clay Wright    Karma    7:24   
26    Andrew Austell    Greenboat    7:28   
26    Delaney Albright    Greenboat    7:28   
26    Matt Anger    Greenboat    7:28   
29    Brad McMillan    Greenboat C-1    7:31    1st place C-1
30    Ciaran Heurteau    Nomad    7:32   
31    Jeff Clewell    Greenboat    7:36   
31    David Fusilli    Burn    7:36   
33    Tyler Houck    Corsica    7:38   
34    Jordan Poffenberger    Stinger C-1    7:39    2nd place C-1
35    Eric Strittmater    Tornado    7:40   
35    Dane Jackson    Greenboat C-1    7:40    3rd place C-1
37    Matt Gossett    Greenboat    7:42   
37    Jay Ditty    Stinger C-1    7:42   
39    Katrina Van Wijk    Stinger    7:44    2nd place K-1 W
39    Adam Johnson    Nomad    7:44   
41    Caleb Adams    Stinger    7:48   
41    Paul Butler    Greenboat    7:48   
43    Jay Mahan    Greenboat    7:51   
44    Jon Crain    Greenboat    7:54   
45    Ty Caldwell    Greenboat    8:02   
46    Keith Sprinkle    Stinger HP    8:11    1st place, hand paddler
47    Lu Urwin    Greenboat    8:12    3rd place, K-1 W
47    James Lowry    Shiva    8:12   
49    Dick Bradfield    Greenboat    8:14   
50    Mike Patterson    Shiva    8:18   
50    Chris McCoy    Mystic    8:18   
52    Cody Adams    Nomad    8:19   
53    Ben Edson    Greenboat    8:20   
54    Nelson Jones    Animas    8:21    Stopped to help swimmer
55    Ky Hart    Villain    8:27   
56    Chase Simmons    Tuna    8:33   
57    Nick Ianniello    Mamba    8:34   
58    Willy Witt    Jefe Grande    8:35   
59    Alex Matthews    Nomad    8:38   
59    Joseph Habenicht    Burn    8:38   
61    David Thomas    Greenboat    8:42   
62    Brandon Fasan    Mystic    8:44   
63    Matthew Beauchamp    Shiva    8:45   
64    Cameron Hall    Matrix    9:02    Stopped to help swimmer
65    Peter Stutts    Mystic HP    9:19    2nd place, hand paddler
66    Denver Harrod    Stinger    10:24   
67    Joseph Hatcher    Tornado    29:00    took the scenic route
    Ironman mass start           
1    Andrew Austell        ?   
2    Chris Gragtmans           
3    ? Jeff Clewell           
4    ? Tyler Houck