Let’s begin with the first paragraph of the safety waiver:
“Racing the Narrows is exceedingly dangerous. Doing so entails known and unanticipated risks which could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis and death. This is not theoretical: several boaters have died running the Narrows and another has been paralyzed from the upper body down for life. Accidents resulting in dislocated shoulders, deep lacerations and extensive dental work are common. Please do not take your decision to race lightly.”
Each year the Green Race becomes a bigger and better event. This year is no different as we have a half dozen countries represented from three different continents. It is great to see and for anyone who has ever spectated or competed it truly is the greatest show in all of sports. With increasing numbers of participants and spectators comes more challenges. Keeping the race free to all participants and at the same time cover all the bases becomes more difficult each year. This year the ACA and AMONGSTiT.TV have partnered to help cover those bases and keep an entry fee out of the cards. Big thanks to ACA for helping us keep this race what it is!

What: Calcutta Costume Party and Draw Down Premiere
When: Thursday, Nov 1st 7:00PM – 11:00PM
Where: Highlands Brewery
Come dressed up in your favorite Halloween costume and help raise money for Green River Access Fund. The night will kick off with the world premiere of The Draw Down a tribute to the Green River. After the film we will auction off all the racers, calcutta style, with 100% of the proceeds going to Green River Access Fund. The winner of the Calcutta will receive first pick of prizes, second place will get second pick and on down the line. Come one come all!

What: Green River Narrows Race
When: Saturday, Nov 3 High Noon
Where: Green River
Shuttle’s will start at 9 AM at Fishstop parking area. Get up to the put in as soon as possible for bib pickup and racer meeting. The racer meeting will begin at 10:30 AM followed immediately by the start of the 2012 Green River Narrows Race with Isaac Levinson pushing off at 12PM exactly.

What: Green Race Awards Party
When: Saturday, Nov 3 6PM-11PM
Where: Thompson’s Store Ward’s Grill downtown Saluda NC
After the race head up to Saluda and grab a bite to eat before the awards party. We will have beverages, jumbo-tron footage from the race, t-shirts, music and of course, awards on the deck BEHIND Thompson’s Store and Wards’s Grill. There will be a shuttle provided by Asheville Adventure Rentals that will go from fishstop parking area to Saluda at 4:30PM and go back down at 10:30PM if you want to leave vehicles in the gorge. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE IT IS ILLEGAL AND STUPID!

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