Yesterday saw the first ever Scottish World Kayak Home Town Throwdown. 20 people turned up to take part in the boater cross race down the Grandtully rapids. Local boy Callum Strong was on hand to sort out the courses and did a fantastic job of making the event exciting for everyone! By midday everyone was on the water having a good time, with one competitor even sporting a clown costume! Don’t be fooled though, the racing was as intense, if not all that serious, with serious bragging rights on the line.

Explaining the event.

Kevin going for it.

Constance and Rebecca

Russel pushing for the win!

Each category (beginner, intermediate, advanced) had two heats and two finals so every one got at least two race runs in on the course. Most people also opted to get in a good bit of practice. All of the courses started with a running start from the ‘top tree’ and either finished when the competitors reached the bridge or hit the final touch bouy. After claiming the first swim of the day Russel Mc’Gongle raced to victory in the begginers class closely followed by Arron Mc’Gongle and Rebbeca Harris who arrived neck a neck to claim joint second!

Inners making the eddie

Intermediate heat

A seriously competitive intermediate final!

A seriously close final saw Daryn Hubbuks take the win for the intermediates with Joe Lee arriving in a close second! The advanced final saw local boy Callum Strong power home for the win. second place was won by Calum Bradbury after Rory Inglis missed one of the crucial touch bouys at the top of the course!

Running start

A race to see who can get their deck on first!

through the slot

Calum pushes past magnetic rock

Callum's race face

In true world kayak style the prizes were handed out not only to the winners but to those showing the best spirt with Amy Morton winning the coveted “you gotta swim it to win it award” for leading the pack in both of her races only to swim in the final wave train. Oh well at least she got to take home a nice new pair of Kokatat booties!

Beginner winners!

Collecting the goodies

A great day with a really great group thanks for coming guys!



1. Russel Mc’Gongle

=2. Arron Mc’Gongle

=2. Rebbeca Harris

3. Constance Barter

4. Arne Inghelbrecht

5. Jin Yoo

6. Amy Morton



1. Daryn Hubbuks

2.  Joe Lee

3. Kevin Barclay

4. Tom Lewis

5. Sacha Corby

6. Inners MacDonald



1. Callum Strong

2. Callum Bradbury

3. Rory Inglis

4. Campbell Simpson

5. Nick Bennett

6. Mark Mulrain

7. Murray Baille

8. Daniel Still


Thanks to Joe Lee and others for the photos! More can be seen here. Hopefully see you all at then next HTTD event coming soon!