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A “sick line” is the perfect, smoothest and fastest line downriver. In search for sick lines extreme kayakers travel around the world. Extreme kayaking is the art of going downshow more steep rivers, high waterfalls and mastering extreme whitewater difficulties. Paddlers call that steep creeking. On their expeditions around the globe extreme kayakers are often far from any civilisation and self-sustaining for days. Their kayak is turned into a backpack in which they stow their food and gear for the wilderness. Often they walk a marathon just to get to the rivers they want to paddle. There are no official federations and organizations within extreme kayaking. Many expedition kayakers don’t typically race, but they are very athletic and very skilled, which is why there has been a strong desire amongst extreme kayakers to have a world championship. The adidas Sickline tests the kayakers’ ability to not only get down one of the world’s most challenging rapids in one piece, but to do it fast as well. At the same time the Extreme Kayak World Championship attracts many of the best slalom and freestyle paddlers, because they can combine their fitness with adrenaline.