Well, we had a downriver as planned. It started just above the Playground Rapid and finished at the Beginner’s Point just below the take out. A little hard in playboats, but regardless, paddling on this river will almost always happen in playboats.

Our season is ending and the water is getting colder. The seven paddlers who braved the event decided to enter into one class: expert

Below are the results.



Event Results

Event Name: Throwdown #3
Event Region: Yukon/NWT

Event Date: September 3rd, 2012 @ 1:00pm
All times are localized to the event location.

Expert Class
Men’s Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st John Blyth 100 135
2nd Markus Leppanen 98 125
3rd Rick James 92 115
Women’s Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st Genevieve Cote 88 105
2nd Natalie Kramer 100 135
3rd Maria Stelzig 93 115
4th saskia 96 125

** Denotes points earned towards the World Kayak Throwdown Amateur Ranking Program.

If you have not selected the ranking option when registering for an event, you may either do so when you register for an event, or you can Get Ranked Now, and claim the points you have already earned!