Gauley Festival 2013 is just around the corner, and World Kayak is excited to announce that our “Am I Ready for the Gauley yet?” event is back with an even bigger and better cast of world class guides than ever before.  We are also adding a women’s only group on the upper this year!  WK wants to provide Gauley first timers with the best possible first trip down the river that you could ever imagine.  To qualify for the event you must have never boated the section of the Gauley that you are applying for.   If you are interested in joining us Gauley festival Saturday the 15th of September you need to send a paddling resume to  In that resume please include your contact information including a phone number along with a list of what rivers you have boated and a brief overview on where you think your boating ability currently stands.  Colin will contact everyone who applies for a phone interview to help determine whether or not the section of the Gauley that you are looking at is appropriate.  Your application email must be received by Wednesday September 5th.  After all the interviews are complete we will draw the winners at random from the list of approved candidates on Thursday September 6th.  The lucky winners will then be sharing the first Gauley experience with our world class crew of guides that includes Clay Wright, Pat Keller, Claire O’Hara, Emily Jackson, Chris Gragtmans, EJ, Dane Jackson, Courtney Kerin, Ale Voorhees, and others!  If getting to paddle such a great river with all of these unbelievably skilled guides was not enough we will be giving away a free GoPro camera to one of the lucky winners.