Jordan River action.

World Kayak brings you another exciting event to showcase the incredible sport of WW kayaking in British Columbia with the first annual Jordan Creek Race in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke is a sleepy ski town in the West Kootenays that hosts some of the best late summer to fall creeking in the area.  The race is a first of it’s kind on the Jordan and promises to be filled with stout lines and charging paddlers.


The details….

Paddlers will race in teams of two and are responsible for safety in class 1-3 sections. They are required to carry throw bags, float bags, pin kit and knife. Paddlers must complete a familiarization run prior to racing. Volunteer safety people (SRT trained and certified)will be stationed at appropriate locations of the race course.

Registration is between 10:00-11:00am at the takeout bridge.

11:00am – All paddlers must attend a pre race meeting to determine racing order, establish teams, show required PPE/safety gear and discuss the rules of the race.


Jordan river class I-II+ race to follow for beginners, beginermediates, and intermediates This race will be open to all paddlers who want to be a part of the action but are not comfortable paddling class III+.  World Kayak encourages all paddlers to join their events for fun times and great prizes.  This race could be the first of many for any aspiring new paddlers out there.  Come to Revelstoke to check out the many gems of the amazing area.   Spectators welcome to cheer on the participants and enjoy a day on the river.

dropping the goods.

Location: Jordan River 3km from Revelstoke BC
Section: Race starts above #4 and finishes at the Bridge
Date and Time: August 25th, 10:00am to 6:00pm
Length of race: 1.6km (approx)
Expected time of race: 9-15 minutes
Participants will sign a standard waiver of liability form.
No alcohol will be served at the event.




Please contact Sam @   or for more information.