Rick and I have a soft spot for downriver racing, so we brought it to the HTTD series this year, and it ended up being a blast. Event number three was a month long weekly race series, alternating downriver races with sprint races from week to week. The venue was our local back yard river the Chattahoochee which has so much to offer.

HTTD 3.1 Down River Race June 5th

We started off with a downriver race for week one. It was a slow start with five participants, but we all had fun. We even had John Pinyerd a USA National Champion and World Champion joined join in on the races!

Women’s Novice

Mary Elmore                      15:40

 Women’s Intermediate

 Francheska Barreto         14:06

 Men’s Novice

Michael (Chaz) Chassner                   13:48

 Men’s Intermediate

Paul Downing                    13:06

 Men’s Advanced

John Pinyerd                      10:30


HTTD 3.2 Sprints June 12th


Week two brought the first sprint races and some new faces for a total of 8 racers. The location was Devil’s Race Course a well know class II rapid on the river. Some were nervous on how they would do, and some even attained back up the river for a second run. In the end it was great racing.

Women’s Novice

Mary Elmore                      5:10
Olivia McGinnis                 5:46
Women’s Advanced
Anne Connolly                  4:41                        4:41 

Men’s Intermediate

Rick Thompson                 3:27

Todd McGinnis                  3:35                        4:52

Mark Mullinax                   4:58


Men’s Advanced

John Pinyerd                      3:45                        3:48
Phil Stafford                       3:53
HTTD 3.3 Down River Race June 19thThe third week was the second down river race of the series, and an all male event. The men pushed hard and produced some great times.


Men’s Novice

Chaz Chassner                   14:20

 Men’s Intermediate

Rick Thompson                 12:05

Mark Mullinax                   12:30

Alex Gossett                      12:39

John Roberts                     14:39

Chuck Jarrell                       17:28
HTTD 3.4 Sprints June 26th

 The fourth and final week was our best turn out with 12 racers. It was our second sprint race. During the month we saw an emergence of old school long boats such as crossfires, and had paddlers asking about next week’s race. It was great to see fellow paddlers affected by the race bug. It was a special treat too to see two women’s juniors out there racing!

Women’s Novice

Mary Elmore                      5:46

Olivia McGinnis                 6:03

Chloe Butera                      6:27

 Women’s Intermediate

Francheska Barreto         5:22

 Men’s Intermediate

Todd McGinnis                  3:37                        3:48

Rick Thompson                 4:34

Mark Mullinax                   4:49

Adam Turner                     5:00

Roddy Ovetsky                 5:19

Randy Hamilton                                5:36

Robert Butera                   6:31



Men’s Advanced

John Pinyerd                      3:36                        3:42


Overall it was a great month of racing!