World Kayak is proud to announce our expansion into Europe with a Scotland region.  Under the watchful eye of WK ambassador Nick Bennett, the full menu of WK activities will be taking root on European soil.  Check out the new region at  Nick will keep the news flowing year round so there will always be something new to see.  If you have something you would like to share with your community please send it along.  It will save Nick a news post that week!  

As we progress into the fall Nick will be hosting a Hometown Throwdown series.  The HTTD’s are World Kayaks take on a kayaking competition.  We have events that range from freestyle to slalom survivor and everything in between.  The thing to know about our events is that we are there for the fun of kayaking.  We don’t take things too seriously.  We give points for shudder rudders, dry exits, and of course all the real freestyle moves.   No matter if you can just roll or if you can tricky woo we have a group for you to compete in.  The best part is that all of the great prizes Nick has for you are given away based on participation and not performance, so no matter how well you boat during the event you can still have a chance at the best prizes.  Enjoy and we look forward to a great future in Scotland.

Colin Kemp
WK Programs Manager

I am very excited to be bringing World Kayak to Scotland. For the last year I have been away in the states and I have had the opportunity to see the type of events it is possible to get involved in first hand. My aim with World Kayak is primarily to run a hand full of super fun competitions for all abilities. Such as boater cross races on the Tay, Freestyle on the Gary, down river racing on the North Esk and more. With the help of Colin and WK sponsors I have a stash of prizes to give out which as Colin mentioned will be given away based on participation (special prizes for enthusiastic rolling and swimming!).

The second part of what we are trying to achieve with the Scottish region is to build a resource for the already strong kayaking community in Scotland. Information of Clubs, Shops, Events, Dam Releases and more. Not to mention links to the hubs of the UK boating scene such as UKRGB and Wheres the Water? I also hope to capture some of the enthusiasm that exists in the community and get people and clubs posting blogs telling the rest of the community, the wider WK community and the world what we are up to in Scotland. A big thank you has to go out to those in the community who have already helped me with photos and tips for the region.

So browse around, sign up to be a regional member, maybe even start a blog.  Hopefully I will see you at one of the events. I will be around and about on rivers (Wet West in particular) so come and say hi, I am always interested in meeting fellow kayakers.

Happy Paddling

WK Scotland Ambassador

Me just having fun in a boat! – Photo: Emily Wall