On Saturday, July 7th we had a great day in the hot n sunny weather.  I think it was a high of 103 degrees that day.  Most of the participants signed up early and went for a couple practice laps before the event.  While I continue signed up any last minute competitors and sweat profusely under the hot sun.  In the first wave of heats, we had 10 totals competitor with 8 in the K-1 Men’s and 2 in the K-1 Jr.

Registration for the House Run Rally

In the first round we paired up the competitors to have five heats.

1.  Matt Kurle vs. Tom Potter with Kurle to advance

2.  Darren Albright vs. Shelby Scott with Albright to advance

3.  Marco Collela vs. Jean-Luc Robichaux with Robichaux to advance


4.  Micah Melkonian vs. Davis Melkonian both to advance to the finals for a rematch.

5.Andrew Morehouse vs. Shaun Rasmussen with Morehouse to advance

It was really cool to see the sibling rivalry between Micah and Davis Melkonian.  Micah was just beaming that he was able to best his older brother Davis in the first round.  Advancing into the finals we ran two heats with our dueling K1-Jr going first followed by the K1-A Men’s top four finishers going head to head.

K1-Jr Results:

1st: Davis Melkonian

2nd: Micah Melkonian


1st: Darren Albright

2nd: Andrew Morehouse

3rd: Matt Kurle

4th: Jean-Luc Robichaux

For me watching the Juniors have so much fun at this event made my day.  When I caught with Davis at the finishing line he had cheshire grim like he just ate the mouse.  No surprise as to our men’s 1st place winner today.  Darren has been cleaning up 1st place finishes all over the Northwest this year.  Thanks for participating in the first ever House Run Rally.  Andrew Morehouse works with the World Class Academy and was the main reason we were able to have Micah and Davis at the event to today.  Matt Kurle is always fun to have at events he always seams to be smiling and having fun.  Thanks to Curt Swigart for running our shuttles for the events and Eric Loomis for being our finishing Judge, the event flowed well because your efforts.