Our event number four was really our third event, being that we had to cancel the third scheduled event due to the GREAT water levels we had. Unfortunately the fourth event was a sad day for many in the kayak community, so we will dedicate our third event to Tom Daley whose father recently passed, and many of our community was attending his wake. On behalf of the Richmond boating community we are sorry for your loss Tom.

We also had to change the fourth event from a Rodeo to a head to head boatercross race through pipeline, again due to the river lever. (But who is complaining abut that!!!!) Everyone agreed on it and I believe that everyone had a great time!! We started the race at the top of pipeline and everyone paddled hard through pipeline. After the race, the brave battled in the hole at pipeline and showed their master skills of the great old school play move of the INDER!! From the pictures you can tell that the kids enjoyed rising on your boats and jumping in the hole themselves.

We also had some great photographers that showed up in addition to Rich Young to capture our event. All in all everyone had fun.