Kevin todd and Clay Walls shootin the breeze


We’d been planning this one from the start. We looked for instructors to come out and teach us some throwrope skills but after having no luck, we turned to NRS’s Youtube videos. After finding some great ones, we saved them to the computer and went out to the local toy store to find some floating hoops. With all our preparation finished we proceeded with the event. We all met at Elm Hill Marina on Percy Priest Lake. After meeting up with several participants there, we all moved over to Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina where we’d have more space on the edge of the water.  We set up the computer on the back of the truck and set up chairs for the video screening.  After signing all necessary waivers, we all sat down and watched the first video, “How to reload a rescue throwbag”, by NRS. After the video, I divided everybody into tow heats of four. Everyone threw out their ropes and we stretched them to their max. We set up the timer and said go! Everyone scrambled to pack up their bags while following the proper procedure, because they knew that if they finished and their bag didn’t throw, they’d be disqualified!  We did two heats of four and two people emerged victorious. Mike Loftis and Mary Brace went head to head to see who the top contender would be.  Mike Loftis came out on top beating Mary by a full minute. Good Job Mike!  After the reload competition, we all went down to the water where I paddled out and placed 4 floating hoops in the water. There was a large hula hoop worth one point, a medium hula hoop worth 2 points, a small kiddie hoop float worth 3 points, and an even smaller dragon kiddie hoop float worth a whopping 4 points. Everyone got three tries to collect the most points while I constantly mixed them up from my boat.  Three people came out on top. Tara Loftis got 1 point by hitting the largest hoop, Caleb Walls got a two pointer and a one pointer, then rescued the four pointer by tangling it with the rope (worth only one point because it didn’t go through the hole). Then keven Todd blew us all out of the water by rescuing a one pointer, then a two pointer that had floated over a one pointer for the double score. Ending up with a tie ball game, we decided to do the tie breaker with a match of Ninja, Hunter, Bear, which Caleb won because the hunter shoots the bear!  Great Job Caleb!  After the competitions, we all gathered up for the prize raffle. Everyone had a great time, and learned how to properly stuff their throwbags as well, Maybe, just maybe, by doing this event, we saved some future life on a river somewhere. Thanks World Kayak for a great Hometown Throwdown!!!


Marisa Buford and myself, Philip Byard

signing those waivers!

Mike Loftis and Mary Brace

Mike Loftis throws!

Kevin Todd throws into the sunset

Caleb Walls loads his bag



Caleb Walls and Kevin Todd face off in a game of Ninja, Hunter, Bear!

Mike Loftis won a Smith Optics Beanie.

Caleb Walls won a Jackson Kayak/ World Kayak visor!

Clay Walls won an Immersion Research t-shirt!

Mary Brace won some Stoneyboater paddlewax!

Kevin Todd won a Shred Ready prodeal giftcard worth 50% off ffor a whole year! Wow!

Tara Loftis won a new pair of Kokatat river booties.

Also, not pictured, Marisa Buford won a Chaco frisbee.

And what a beautiful day it was!