2011 Fun Run series winner Zack Fiddis with the coveted trophy at Gauley Fest

There’s no doubt the official start of summer isn’t far off as the Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers (KWP) will be kicking off their summer Fun Run competition next Tuesday, June 19….all paddlers are welcome to come on out and join in! For the uninitiated, the Fun Run series takes place over 9 consecutive weekday nights in June, July and August at Burleigh Falls, Ontario, KWP’s home base…for further details, head to kwpclub.ca. Sponsored by our good friends at World Kayak, it features a nightly skills challenge that can range from multiple timed laps down a creeky run filled with drops and small holes to an eddy hopping competition judged on time and accuracy to a winner take all as paddlers scramble to collect as many plastic balls as possible that have been dropped off an overhead bridge while navigating the river and watching out for the falls at the end. The Fun Run is always a good time, always challenging and always good for a few beers and dinner around a campfire, ‘cause that’s how we cap the night off.  No matter the level, the Fun Run is a great excuse to get together, build skills and fight for the honour of winning the whole thing. Weekly scoring updates will be posted on World Kayak. Last year’s winner Zack Fiddis is showing no fear in defending his title, 2nd place finisher Tom Legere is still bitter and other KWPer’s are hot to blow both of these guys away…the 2012 title is up for grabs, stay tuned!