Who would’ve thought the second throw down of the year, two weeks later then the first, would have worse weather than the first? It snowed before the competition and there was sleet directly afterwards. The temperature was around 43 when the competition started, but the water was a bit warmer.

Eight boaters braved the snow and sleet, two of which were from Stanley.  For such a cold day, everyone really put on a show.
KWP offered a solid feature once again and the hot dogs definitely hit the spot.


On Saturday, the North Fork Championships were also going on. It brought in many paddlers from all over the USA seeking the title “King of the Payette” along with the crown that went with it.  Check out their site HERE.


Check out the Throwdown video HERE.


Placings are as follows:


Men K1 A:

1. Daniel Dixon

2. Riley Berman

3. Titus Cornforth


Men K1 B:

1. Sean Dumke

2. Ian Blasch


Women K1:

1. Devon Barker-Hicks


Junior K1:

1. Troy Wilson

2. Skye Titus