The first Boise Throwdown was held yesterday at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. On the way down we thought it would be amazing if even six people showed up on a cloudy forty five degree day, but we were pleasantly surprised to have fifteen competitors, including two from Washington and four from Sun Valley. Everyone was tough and got in the water, even though it looked like it would rain. It never rained and actually turned out to be a nicer day than I’d thought.

As for the wave, it was a great flow for loops and cartwheels since it was so deep. Slightly flushy, but not too bad if you were careful.

The competition was a lot of fun. Everyone was really good at cheering on the person in the wave. They did a great job for an early event, and put on a good show for the spectators on the island.

Afterwards we all grabbed a hot dog (complimentary of the Wiener Wagon from KWP) and headed inside the main building for prizes.

Thanks everyone for showing up! It was a great time! The next Throwdown is June 9th at 11am at KWP. Hope to see you then!

Click HERE for a video


The scores:

1. Daniel Dixon
2. Devin Hawkins
3. Titus Cornforth

1. Glen Allison
2. Pat Wright
3. Tyler Wilson

1. Devon Barker
2. Krista Gaustad

1. Troy Wilson
2. Sky Titus
3. Jack Swanson
4. Will Harder

1. Jose Allison
2. Lauren McLeod
3. Brindi Jackson