Atlanta Hometown Throwdown Event #3 – Freestyle Competition

June 3 @ 1:30 PM

Feature: Surfer’s Rapid on the Cartecay River

It is our second year of HTTD and we always have to include a freestyle competition. SO here it is. Come out and join us for a friendly freestyle competition on the Cartecay River. Judging will be done by your fellow competitors and friends, and points will be awarded for everything from spins to unintentional rolls i.e. window shading. This is an easy feature with a great recovery pool. We had first time boaters out there surfing last time. It is just tons of fun!

Prizes will be given out for participation or volunteering, and not based on score. Winner’s just get bragging rights, and points in the throwdown standings.

-Sign In/ Registration will begin @ 1:30 PM at the Cartecay River Experience. World Kayak will be providing on-line registration prior to the event and we will accept walk-on registration on the day of the event. We encourage you to use the on-line registration system to help us better prepare for the event. You can access the link

-We will put in at Lower Cartecay Road and paddle down to Surfer’s Rapid, where the competition will be held. After the competition we will paddle down to Blackberry Falls and take out at Stegal Mill. This is friendly class I-II+ run.

-Awards Ceremony and Prize Draw will follow after we have gotten off the river, and will be held at the Cartecay River Experience. You must be present to win a prize. There is an array of prizes for our local and national sponsors.


Contact Info

Organizer: Rick and Francheska Thompson

Telephone: (678) 907-1378/ (770) 778-3491

E-mail: /

Cartecay River Experience

2400 Hwy 52 E @ 515

Ellijay, GA

706-531-GRIN (4746)