Our last throwdown broke the BWW (Bad Weather Wednesday) curse!  We had a great turn out an a little bit more water than we have had this season.  Charlie Albright was seen in a boat newer than an RPM, and it looked like he enjoyed it.  He also had the most unique vessel for the contest.  He managed to spin his way into 6th place in a tube!  That is some serious skill.  The ladies had another great showing and Gayle graced us with her boating prowess and took second place.  Sara and Megan who just learned to boat at UNR came out to strut their stuff and Mary manage to lock down first place, with the Star that she won last year in the throwdowns.  The men had a bit of a one upping contest when it came to hand paddling!  Kevin, another new UNR student hand paddled for a full ride after only 3 months of boating.  After one of the guys hand paddled we saw three more join in with varied results!  Max made an appearance as well.  The last throwdown of the season will be held at jaws for an interesting down river race!

1. Conner

2. Kevin












Later ; Colin