New things to do in Cornwall!!!

Starting November 13th CReW and ASAG are hosting a series of pool sessions for paddlers in the area.

Space is limited but if you are in the Cornwall area this winter and want to get some pool time in or want to take a clinic with CReW to improve a specific skill, drop us a note and we will work with you to make it possible.
Drop us a note at for our schedule and rates.

What else can you do in a kayak in Cornwall? If you have a Sea kayak or other longer kayak there is wave waiting for you! Right across from Lamoureux park in Downtown Cornwall you can surf surf surf!

If suirt boating is your thing the eddie lines behind the international bridge could be calling you! Those are some serious lines may promise some quality down time. (Getting kinda cold for that now but come see us in the spring!

Will be posting more about the local paddling soon.

By the way, Kiwi Dezignz, CReW, ASAG and the Zwanenburg family have moved to downtown Cornwall.

See you on the river,
Robert Zwanenburg