During the long weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Upper Shuswap river to do some teaching. The river was great for teaching it is mostly a Class 2 low volume river with two Class 3 drops in the 30km section that we were on. This would be a good section for someone looking for a Change of scenery on a easier river. You can also drive to the Lower Shuswap for some high volume excitement with a couple of nice play spots during the right levels.

I stayed at the Bear Valley Highlands Retreat, and the accommodation and hospitality was great and I would highly recommend it to anyone even just for a weekend retreat. http://www.bearvalleyhighlands.com/

The wildlife in the area is spectacular. I saw a couple of herds of deer (about 20 in each) also spotted bears along the way, During diner in Cherryville they received a call saying that the neighbors dog just chased a cougar into a tree in the back of the restaurant but when we went out to investigate it was gone.

There are a number of falls in the area but I didn’t have the time to go and take a look at them. I am planing to go up there again and will let everyone know what I find.